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Take & Eat Tempeh

Chickpea Tempeh 300g

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About me:

Our Chickpea beans tempeh...


Chickpea, Vinegar, Water, Tempeh, Culture (Rhizopus Oligosporus), That's it!

ALLERGEN ADVICE:  Maycontain: soy, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seed and their products. Produced in facility that also process above

NUTRITION INFORMATION (average qty per 100g):

  Energy 649 KJ, protein 13g, fat 2, saturated 0, carbohydrate 19g, sugars 3g, sodium 2mg, cholestrol 0mg, IRON %, 3calcium 27%



Keep in fridge & store below 5°c or see frozen instrunction


Freeze before marked before date. Freeze up to 4-6 months after best before date. 


Sizzle/grill/oven the rahers until brown add seasoning as desired. add rasher to any cooking you like. Visit our website for more information or recipes

**Black spores may present. It is a result of fermentation and is not and indication of spoilage.

Do not eat raw. Must be cooked before consumed


When we go meet our customers, a lot of them is asking for chickpea tempeh. We were like… why chickpea? But then we make that happen and here’s a few reasons of why our tempeh-fan went crazy for this one.

  • Very similar texture with soy tempeh without the worries!
  • Not a complete source of protein but still a great one
  • Help manage your weight

Due to its fairly low-calorie density, it has appetite lowering effects and a potential to help reduce calorie intake at meals

  • Low GI to support healthy blood sugar control
  • Has been a popular option in plant-based diet for centuries 

About me:

Our chickpea tempeh has a very similar texture and appearance compared to the traditional soy. you might not even be able to tell rom outside without the label ;)

The taste though, is very different as chickpea tempeh is more creamy, rich in flavour and there is barely a bitterness to it.

This is also a great soy tempeh alternative if you are looking for something very similar and not really a kitchen person. It’s great without marinating!

 Cooking tips:

Cut your chickpea tempeh to whatever shape you like, throw into your stir-fry mix, fry or oven bake.  I personally like to deep fry for about 2 minutes then sprinkle some salt for a snack (a very satisfying one!)