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fortune beancurd

Super Quality Tofu - 900 gm (large size tofu)

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A premium quality tofu that has a dense and strong texture best suited for to be diced and fried or marinated.
Net weight: 900 grams
Ingredients: Soy beans, water, sea salt (516), calcium sulphate (575), DHA-S 30 (Omega-3)
No preservatives, GMO or artificial colouring
Keep refrigerated (2-4 Celsius)
Best consumed within 3 days once opened

Sealed Tofu

As part of our sealed tofu line, this product is packed in a plastic case and then heat-sealed in liquid to preserve their texture and absorbance throughout their shelf-life.

This line of product is best for restaurants and groceries looking for tofu with a long overall shelf-life that preserves the quality of tofu when it reaches the customer's table.

Product are sourced, made and packaged entirely in Melbourne.