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original fresh/frozen soy tempeh

Available in:

- Fresh: 2 weeks or 4 weeks shelf life packaging

- Frozen: up to 1 year

- custom beans per your requirements for large order

Chickpea fresh/frozen tempeh

Available in:

- Fresh: 2 weeks or 4 weeks shelf life packaging

- Frozen: up to 1 year

- custom beans per your requirements for large order

  • Impressive nutritional composition

    Tempeh especially soy is high in protein, calcium and iron. The protein content is comparable to a chicken leg and it has about 8% of recommended daily intake of calcium and iron for adult diet. It is also the only plant-based source of vitamin B12.

  • Source of probiotic

    Our tempeh is slow fermented to over 30 hours so it’s loaded with probiotic. We keep our tempeh fresh frozen (not pasteurised), which means the living probiotic will still be there once it gets to your hand and ready to help with your gut.

  • The Perfect Meat Substitute

    Apart from its very meaty texture, did you know that 1 serve of tempeh equals the amount of meat protein in the same serve? Tempeh protein has 0% cholesterol and lower saturated fat intake, which means reduced risks of cardiovascular disease

  • Minimal Processing

    Tempeh has very minimal processing: we practically boiled the beans/ legumes/ seeds whatever we are using, drain it, put the starter culture in, incubate it and when done, that’s it. Loaded with health benefits

  • Versatile and easy to cook

    Take & Eat Tempeh especially, is easy to cook and very versatile. Any cooking or cutting style, we ensure that our product is easy to work with so you can prepare it your way.

    Bake-EAT! Grill-EAT! Fry-EAT! Just do-EAT!

  • Delicious Taste

    Nutty, great earthy flavour in a firm texture…. Yummmm! Perfect meat alternative or healthy addition to your every dish

How do I use it?

Tempeh has been used widely in both domestic and commercial kitchen. Because of its deliciously plain flavour and meaty texture you have an endless option to pan fry, deep fry, oven bake, grill, steam, put in stir fry or sauces… basically anything.

TIPS: Marinade before cooking to spice up your tempeh!

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