About Tempeh

To put it simply, tempeh is a less well known but more nutritious/delicious brother of Tofu. 
They both originally comes from soy, although the main difference is tempeh is a fermented food product. 
People have been fermenting tempeh for hundreds of years in Java, Indonesia and they are still doing it in similar way, and so do we. 
Tempeh is one of the most complete protein source you can have from plant, together with other essentials like iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and more. The fermentation process results in live probiotic that makes it relatively easy to digest and promotes gut health.


It is also very versatile and it’s the best natural meat substitute in the world.


Most of our menu at Staple Cafe is using tempeh, you can sliced it, you can mince it, you can batter it, deep fried it, dice it, use it as schnitzel, as a burger or even use it as protein bar! 
We’ve also developed a variation of tempeh with chickpea, mungbeans or adzuki beans.  
So what are you waiting for? Have a try of our tempeh and feel the magic yourself!