About Donuts

About our donut


Do you want to know why our donuts are that special? 


Back in March when we first open our cafe, we are straightaway hit by pandemic. We had to dig deep and find a way how to bring customers in; and we realised there are not enough options for plant based donuts in Melbourne.  So we thought: 


"everyone must loves donuts!" 


So that began our quest to develop the perfect donut mix. 


Our Mr Donuts/Mr Tempeh Audi spent 14 days of sleepless night to get that perfect mix. Countless hours and countless flours were spent, until we finally agree on one special recipe 😍😍😍😍

People even say that our donuts are the best they’ve ever tasted! 

We can now proudly say we that we use our own donut mix (no premix) and we believe that is what makes our donut taste extra special 😍😍😍🤜🤜🤜🤜👌👌👌👌



So what are you waiting for, get your order in and try the donuts yourself :)