Growing up in Indonesia, we have been enjoying Tempeh as long as we can remember. It's one of Indonesian staple food so we took it for granted most of the time.

These delicious little brick of soy is so unassuming and underrated that people in Indonesia actually associate tempeh with being weak and soft!

As we grew older though we realise the magic and the many nutritions that tempeh actually comes with. It is so rich in protein that you can actually substitute your meat with this gem.

When we moved to Melbourne in the noughties, we stumbled upon each other and we all really missed our tempeh from back home so our founding member Audi (Our Mr. Tempeh) decided to learn tempeh fermentation. He finally cracked the way to ferment the perfect authentic tempeh with a process that is similar to traditional tempeh making. 

He created his own start up called Take and Eat Tempeh in late 2014 and have been going around farmers market and supply some retailers and cafes around Melbourne to introduce this little beauty to Australian audience.

And everyone can't get enough of the tempeh! 



Meanwhile, living in Melbourne we were introduced with another staple, which is non other than coffee, Melbourne's staple drink.

Zach (Our Mr. Barista)  have been working as barista in some of the most prominent cafe in Melbourne and along the way he picks up a thing or two about the delicate nature of coffee. He attend workshops after workshops, hundreds of cupping sessions and he was mentored by some important people in the coffee industry.

Developing our own Espresso blends and sourcing the best single origin beans from all over the world, we are now read to share our own beans to the world!

We then have the opportunity to open up a cafe together in Altona North, 20 minutes west of Melbourne CBD, where we serve plant based food and specialty coffee.

So that's our story.

Tempeh is Indonesias staple food and coffee is Melbournes staple drink.
We grew up loving tempeh and now we love our coffee too.

From Indonesia to Melbourne, from tempeh to coffee, we are so excited to share our products to you guys :)